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About Us

Statutory Solution is consultant dealing with work of labour law and EPF Services. We provide a range of services of labour law such as complete compliances services for Provident Fund, ESIC, Prof. Tax, HRA, Bonus, Gratuity and various other Labour Laws. We provide customized Payroll Management and related services.
We are proving services across India.

Our Vision​

“To promote the HR Practices in the private sector, Support to Startups to set up their HR Policies, to improve the Employer and Employee relations, to increase employees soft skills and technical skills which help to improve the productivity”

Our Services

Professional Tax

Usually a slab amount based on the gross salary of a professional, this state government tax is deducted from the salary every month. It is mandatory that every individual employed by a private company pay professional tax.

ESI Consulting Services

Employee State Insurance regulations apply to companies employing more than 10 workers. ESI is meant to provide social security to workers and their dependents that are covered under the scheme.

Labour Welfare Fund

These laws apply to any firm that employs more than 10 workers. They specify and lay down provisions for health, safety, welfare and service conditions of workers working in factories.

EPF Compliance

EPF is a statutory organization under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It is administered by the Central Board of Trustees.

Labour Law Licenses

The objective of these licenses is to regulate the employment of regular as well as contract labourers hired by the company.

Labour Law Compliance

These are a set of rules and conditions for employment and comprise mandatory rules and regulations which the companies need to follow. These laws are imposed both by the state as well as central governments.

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